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Panel 4- Faith

Panel 4 - Faith

In conquered communities small groups form, often in secret, for mutual support and defense. Together, they try to understand their fate, and the powerful and terrible forces which have defined it. Scattered at first, those groups with a common understanding both of the character of their fate, and the need for comfort in its adversity begin to form larger groups. Factions form around ideas, points of view, and individuals. Discussion, argument, conflict, negotiation, and resolution are facts of everyday life. Everyday social interaction among the learned members of the smaller groups tend to merge into larger ones similar in their understandings.

Their faiths form in response to widely felt need to recover lost hope. All factions articulate the support and protection of the neediest among them by using the resources available through their common interests. One of these communities of faith keeps the intimacy of personal interaction and argument. Two of these communities of faith adopt, and agree to enforce, common ways of understanding larger issues, supported by a common iconography. These communities discourage further argument among the faithful about the foundations of the faith in the hopes of achieving larger purposes. Eventually, these foundational purposes evolve to include the building of larger, more magnificent, more decorative buildings in stone. These stone edifices house their sacred objects, and provide a physical place for the conduct of a structured worship guided by those appointed to conduct them.

The edifices are, however, fragile defenses against plague.