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Check out the wikipedia site on smart phones.

With the iPhone from Apple - now the iPad - there are lots of competitors in the smart phone market. Things are happening very fast in this "bleeding edge" industry, and new application developers are coming and going like the cheap clothes in a fire sale in Filene's basement, or the cowboys who entered the shoot out at the OK Corral.

We've checked out Apple's products, and have a lot of experience with them. Because we also like open source, we are checking out the new Android OS based Google smart phone. This phone is named: "Nexus one." We built a little app to check out the ease with which such an app can be deployed onto the Nexus One. We found it to be very easy. Check out our SSDA web site on your mobile phone. We are also building a little free app - named: SSDA says Hi to test the process of building a mobile app, and putting it onto your Android OS based Google Phone.

All Google Apps are available in the Google marketplace. When ours is ready we'll let you know, and you can then search for SSDA says Hi by name from the Google Marketplace web page.

Here is a link to Google's product page for the Nexus One.

We are also following Google's Nexus One tweets on Twitter.
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