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Home page for examples of great Motion Graphics clips. Links to these clips, and the partial descriptions and numbering used here, originally appeared in issue number 137 (Christmas, 2010) of 3D World, published in London.

NOTE. The themes in these clips are mature. The artistry and aesthetics push the limits of theme, story, and technology. In our review so far, we haven't seen any mechanical sex, but family guidance for young children is probably a good thing. Some of the clips were developed as advertising imagery, and some have advertising associated with them.

#1. 405short - a jetliner lands on an LA freeway.

NOTE: This next clip needs some explanation. Rights to this clip are held by the National Film Board of Canada. It is available on DVD with some supplemental material for $24.95. I include it here - despite all these hoops - because it is a brilliant piece of pure creative art in terms of the creator's vision, story line, aesthetics, and tool mastery. It won an academy award in 2004.

#2. ryan - a "'psychorealistic animated biopic of Canadian animator Ryan Larkin.'"

#3. jona - "Burges meets Murnau."

#4. chub - "a gleeful spoof of Star Wars, Alien Song..."

#5. sushi - "...stylized steampunk Mafia tale..."

#6. flat - "Animation's greatest tech demo."

#7. 90deg - "One of the most stylish shorts around."

#8. jojo - "It'll raise the hairs on your neck."

#9. 50perc - "The anti-pixar."

#10. pump - "Reservoir Dogs with balloon puppets."

#11. pigeon - "Pigeon: Impossible..."

#12. gopher - "A hungry gopher tries to find food by holding up farm trucks."

#13. citroen - "Citroen lifts up into a robot..."

#14. doll - "Machines that want to be human..."

#15. bjork - "The most imitated music video ever."

#16. alien - "The greatest animation test in history."

#17. alive - "...remade as the stunning District 9."

#18. rust - a "...Tim Burton-esque love story..."

#19. mars - "...NASA's Mars Rover program..."

#20. cane - "...six pack swilling Australian toads..."