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The Kahn.  Mahfooz Hangout in Cairo, Egypt - swfCheck out our travel slide show, and our 3D animated dancers, below. Allow a minute to load after clicking on the image.

CAUTION: the "Mahfooz Neighborhood" image opens a five minute slide show of travel images. Allow a minute to load. If it fails to load, back out of it by returning to the HOME page. We are still working on this one.

Click here for a message from Victoria.

Dancer with DeBussy

CAUTION: We use our Dancers to test multi-media configurations on the web. They will run well on a PC or a MAC, but if your computer is old, or on a slow network connection, or if you have too many applications open, or some combination all of these, our dancers might not dance at all. If they dance, though, be careful. They could become a habit. Allow at least a minute to load.

  Antibe Dancer - swf

COMING UP: We are developing a series of short videos on how we use paper sketches, collaborative white boards, and rapid prototyping when working with a customer to define and describe a technical problem, and when designing and developing a technical solution.

The Train Station from JM-B on Vimeo.