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PC USER'S NOTE as of March, 2010: Test movies we develop for use on a PC generally use the Adobe Flash format. Running Flash .swf movie files require Adobe Flash Player installed on the client computer. Adobe Flash Player is a free download at: Flash usually downloads and installs without problems.

APPLE USER'S NOTE as of March 2010: For what I assume are competitive reasons Apple computers won't run a movie that uses Adobe's Flash Format. For those who want to test the movies presented here on an Apple computer, we use Apple movie formats: .avi, .mov, and .mp4. A download of an Apple viewer for movies in these formats is available at .

NOTE:As of this writing in late 2015, there are no common standards for playing web videos across all web platorms, and there are continuing changes in the web environment for playing videos no matter what the video format. Competitive factors among some product vendors mean that this is probably not going to change anytime soon. In an effort to keep up with the evolving technology, and keep our technology simple (aka easy to replicate), we are re-building our video play-back configurations using the HTML5 Standard for running multiple video clip formats from our web pages on as many web platforms as possible.


Current Project in Test: Completed Test Movie Projects for viewing on PCs.

"Travel Miscellany - with Animations." This movie was released 10/4/2011.
This is a TEST movie for the Apple .mp4 format. Apple Format: .mp4; FileSize = 38.3mgb. Click

This is a TEST movie for PC formats. PC Format: .swf; FileSize = 18.3mgb. Click

See our SPHINX entry to Juneau's JUMP Festival for Winter 2011. Format: .swf; FileSize = 15.5mgb. Click HERE.

See our test soccer ball animation. Format: .swf; FileSize = 355kb. Click HERE.

See our red head walking animation. Format: .swf; FileSize = 355kb. Click HERE.

Akio Dances. Click HERE.

Miki Dances. Click HERE.

Viki Dances. Click HERE.

HTML 5 Test Apps...

HTML 5 Video Test 1. On most web browsers, a right-click will bring up a menu of options such as "save video as," and "looping," which means to repeat the video continuously.