Small Systems Design Associates

Home page for testing 3D design, animation, and web video products.

SWF Testing.
NOTE: .swf files require Adobe Flash Player installed on the client computer. Adobe Flash Player is a free download at:

See our entry to Juneau's JUMP Festival for Winter 2011. FileSize = 15.5mgb. Click HERE.

Testing Miki3With40FordPickup1.swf. FileSize = 1.2 mgb. Click HERE.
Testing AlysonWalksToCarInEgyptColored.swf. FileSize = 689 kb. Click HERE.
Testing BaseRobot1ComplexWalk1.swf. FileSize = 1.5 mgb. Click HERE.
Testing BaseRobot1ComplexRun1.swf. FileSize = 1.5 mgb. Click HERE.
Testing BaseRobot2ComplexRun1.swf. FileSize = 1.5 mgb. Click HERE.
Testing ChopinWaltz.swf. FileSize = 7.9 mgb. Click HERE.
Testing MarieBaseBlackHairWalk2.swf. FileSize = 92 kb. Click HERE.
Testing MarieBaseBlackHairWalk3.swf. FileSize = 70 kb. Click HERE.
Testing MarieBaseBlackHairWalk5.swf. FileSize = 33 mgb. Click HERE.
Testing MarieBasePinkHairNewWalk1.swf FileSize = 27 mgb. Click HERE.
Testing MikiDancer3WithDebussy.swf. FileSize = 12 mgb. HERE.
Testing Miki2NewFaceHairBra1Movie1.swf. FileSize = 1.675 mgb. Click HERE.

AVI and Miscellaneous Testing.
Testing AikoDance1.m4v. FileSize = 4.6 mgb. Click HERE.
Testing MarieBasePinkHairNewWalk1. AVI files must be downloaded. FileSize = 6.67 mgb. Click HERE.

Speech Testing.
Testing SydneyIzabela4Talks1.swf. "Hi there. I'm Victoria. What's your name?" FileSize = 614 kb. Click HERE.